What’s in a name?

I’ve always wondered how people choose a name for their pets as it’s something I have always struggled with.

Hi. I’m Kubo!

If you have children I think it is great to let them decide to get them involved and it also takes the pressure off! If someone judges the name: “well my 6 year old chose it”. How dare they judge a 6 year old. We don’t have a child.


I was lucky with my cats as Soda has a pedigree name (Cream Soda Pop) and the breeder didn’t have Cally’s name to hand but for some unknown reason (maybe because I had been watching Battlestar Galactica) the name just came to me and stuck.

When we chose our puppy and the time came to name him we struggled.

The day we met Kubo

I like order so I wanted two syllables to match the others and I wanted it to end in an ‘o’ to not be too similar. Also, for some reason I am not a huge fan of human names for dogs. I have no idea why! Dave was super keen on Jake as a name but I was dead against it.

We went to a Frankie & Benny’s for dinner and spent the evening brainstorming names. Milo, Otto, Leo, Theo, Rocco, Nico, Draco, Pablo … then I got involved: Lego, Solo, Ghetto, Limo, Cargo. How about a food? We both really like food (I was eating a pasta at the time) Oregano? Too long. Basil! Doesn’t end in an ‘o’. Polo? Mayo? Pesto! Dave still liked Jake (he’s an Adventure Time fan). OK, so instead of food, how about cartoons or film characters? And the only name we could think of was Kubo.

Ironically, despite my dislike of human names for pets, two of ours have them.

People struggle to get the name quite often. Cujo? Oh, Cube-o!? But that’s fine. A helpful friend pointed out that his name actually means ‘sunken ground’ in Japanese. We can live with this too!

Most of the dogs I meet have human names – am I weird for originally being against this? Also I have seen so many dogs called Finn! It’s a name I really like but I just wonder why it is so popular for doggos. Why did you choose your dogs name? What influenced you?

If you’re interested Kubo & the Two Strings is a lovely stop-motion animation film



3 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Funnily enough I totally agree with you about the human names thing. So, naturally I ended up with Ellie 😀 Ellie wasn’t my choice but now it’s stuck and it’s just her now!

    I quite like Milo, but I think you’ve landed on the best choice with Kubo.

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