Patience is a virtue

It has become apparent that Kubo has no patience.

At his training class last night we were doing recall. We practise this at home, the park and in class and he’s very good. Normally. He was in a bit of an excitable mood yesterday but that happens and wasn’t a concern.


The trainer held Kubo, I walked away, turned around and called him, waving one of his favourite biscuits.

He ran to me, sat down, had his lead clipped back on- ‘Good boy, Kubo!’.

At least that’s what should have happened. Instead of stopping and sitting down he decided it would be way more fun to go and see the other dogs so he did a sharp turn just before he reached me. He didn’t even take his biscuit!

What felt like an hour of madness ensued where two trainers tried to catch him whilst he weaved in and out, saying hi to other dogs and evading capture. All the other dogs sat nicely by their owners.

Kubo loves doing tricks. He likes a quick action:treat. He is not great at holding poses and gets so excitable.

Last night was a typical ‘I did what you said but bored now – next thing!’.

I think he needs to take a break from learning new tricks and start learning a bit more obedience and patience!

This is his ‘Hi … I’m not listening …’ face

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