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Flyball Session No. 2 and Flyball Help!

Now, after joining another Flyball training session, I have even more questions than before. If anyone can help, please do!

Kubo tries Flyball

I replied ‘I need a life too!โ€™… I was laughed at. Apparently I am quite naรฏve.

Shadow hunting and evil strawberries

Just a summary of our last month

Car/Bird/Squirrel Chasing (or ‘herding’)

We finally managed to get him happy in the car on the backseat on his own however he spends the entire time snapping at cars that pass on the other side of the road. The bigger and faster the better!

Just a short drive

Every journey he would drool uncontrollably

Fireworks: the fun, the stress

I think I enjoyed sparklers more!

Patience is a virtue

‘Good boy, Kubo!’. At leastย that’s what should have happened.