Meet Us

21728919_10155702044359184_6772204773169189478_oKubo was born on 30th April 2017. he is a black and white Border Collie from working parents in Cannock. He loves pulling stuffing out of toys, eating everything, getting on the sofas when we are not looking and trying to play with the cats. He does not like the red dot.


image2Cream Soda Pop is a flame point male Ragdoll, born in November 2013. His favourite past-time is observing the world from the top of his tower and bashing Kubo on the head as he walks past. He is an expert at batting paper planes out of the sky and loudly asking for cheese Dreamies.




Cally Cat is Soda’s sister; she is a tortie point Ragdoll. Cally wants to be fussed by humans. All the time. She enjoys sitting on the back of the sofa and grooming Dave’s hair. She won’t eat anything but her kibble and will play with everything. She gets high on catnip.


22520043_10155799167326350_410485673844557019_oDave is a full time paramedic. He works long hours (12 hour shifts!), often overnight. He is very calm and collected but suffers from lack of sleep quite badly! He loves cars and tinkering with them and would live on a boat (or in the campervan) if Arianna would let him!



18557084_1188475091263475_2887883003652835725_nArianna is a full time Product Owner also doing a management course. She seems to need very little sleep. She is not as calm as Dave but does get things done! Disorganisation and mess irritate her.