Barky Box: a review

Why a subscription box for pets?

smells good

It’s a good question and to be honest I don’t really know. I stumbled across this article by the Independent and thought I’d give it a go. I used to (many years ago) get a beauty box subscription for myself and I really enjoyed it: it was like getting a random present every month. I’m past the years of treating myself to such things (I know the products I like and am not into experimenting!) but as Kubo is my first dog I thought it may be a good way to explore what offerings there are. I joined Barky Box back in October for a 3 month subscription.

Initial Impressions

I started the subscription in October and I was excited as my three boxes were themed; Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and Christmas. I was a little disappointed that my first 2 boxes arrived so late in the month (I actually got my November one on 1st December) so I contacted Barky Box via Facebook and they promised they would do their best to get the December box to us before Christmas – they did indeed– top marks for responding and following through! 🙂

I really love the way their boxes are hand written and personalised. I likehalloween dog biscuits their social media presence and friendly tone – sharing pictures and commenting on various platforms made me feel like part of a family. I don’t know how big a company they are but it felt like a start-up – in a good way – I wanted to support them and be a part of their journey! The toys have been high quality and the treats have been really interesting: I adored the Hallowe’en themed ones!

Kong Bear
Kong Knots Bear (and the bandana) – November

I was a tiny bit disappointed with the November box: we received a bandana with ice creams on it (in Winter?) and a bag of coconut treats that I had already received in the October box. I was worried that I was going to get the same things repeatedly in my Barky Box. On the flip side we did get a Kong Knots bear which I was really happy with and some great biscuits.


December Box

december barky box by benji dog treats
Box of goodies minus the Guru bone Kubo already nabbed – December

Kubo was desperate to get inside this box and it was all for a bone by Guru! I now need to buy more of these as he loved them so much. (Thanks Barky Box!!)

We also received a durable toy made from recycled plastic bottles which I really liked as a concept, Kubo enjoyed it too – he has torn out almost all of the stuffing and ripped off all limbs but still plays with it and I don’t know that there is a dog toy on Earth that would survive him!

bybenji biltong
ByBenji Biltong – too good for dogs?!

The biscuits in the box were great and we also got some biltong by ByBenji which smelt too good – I actually checked it wasn’t for humans!

Perhaps the most interesting thing we received was the bake-your-own doggy peanut butter muffins. I have never considered doing such a thing but what a good idea!

I was chuffed with this box, especially after my concerns from the one before, it was full of variety and high quality products.


In my three months of being a subscriber I have really enjoyed getting the boxes and actually discovered several brands that I will now be looking into buying from.

I would never buy premium treats normally and there are so many choices out there for things that it’s actually quite nice to have someone make a decision for you and just send a selection of nice things.

I don’t know if they actually take dog size into account (I hope they do!) and I would like to hope that they don’t often repeat the same treats (I’m willing to forgive that once) because I actually really like this company. I do not however have any experience of other dog boxes.

My subscription has actually expired: I did contact Barky Box to continue it but I needed to sign up again on the website and I hadn’t bothered … however since writing this I remember why I enjoyed it so much and although I don’t want to spoil him too much, Kubo is one of my babies and why shouldn’t he get a little gift box every month?

I love my Barky Box
‘Thanks Barky Box!’